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Les amis du poujoula
Association Déclarée À La Préfecture Du Lot Le 5 Juin 2014
No Rna W461002638
"Les Amis du Poujoula" is a non-profit cultural association under French law. Founded in 2014 following many years of private concerts, its vocation is to promote cultural activity in the Quercy Blanc region.
Although its primary focus is classical music, its statutes also allow it to promote other artistic fields. Depending on the financial means collected from its faithful patrons, it plans to organise between three and five exceptional concerts per year, to which master classes and thematic conferences may be added.
The concert hall, with a capacity of some 150 seats, is a former barn specially fitted out for chamber music. Its acoustics are unanimously acclaimed by the musicians and the public. Historically, the venue has welcomed young winners of international competitions as well as world-renowned musicians. All of them appreciate the green setting of the site and the intimate atmosphere of the concert hall, a combination conducive to artistic stimulation. Many of them choose to spend a few days at Poujoula before recording the works in the studio or
to perform in the most prestigious halls in the world. As part of the transformation of private concerts into a non-profit association, we also wanted to change the presentation of our programmes. We hope that we have made them more attractive to the public by adding more detailed illustrations and texts. What has not changed, however, is the cordial welcome we extend to all music lovers interested in our concerts at Poujoula.
Dear Friends of Poujoula, Dear music lovers,
The 2023 season will begin on July 21 with a piano recital by Alexandre Krichel and will be followed by four further performances by great artists with whom many of you are already familiar and again some new faces as we try to keep the repertoire fresh and exciting. Performing in the world's most prestigious concert halls all around the world, all the musicians are part of the world's elite in their respective fields. In the strings, for example, the chance to bring together five Stradivari instruments again, including the four most famous that belonged to Paganini himself (graciously made available by the Nippon Music Foundation), attests to the excellence of the musicians. These precious instruments are entrusted only to the best.
We shall be introducing Pocket Sinfonia - a chamber music ensemble comprising the violin, cello, flute and piano - that has become famous for interpreting orchestral masterpieces with the structural clarity and intimacy of a chamber formation. Nowadays we have forgotten that orchestral arrangements for piano or smaller ensemble were standard practice in the 19th century without which many symphonies and concertos would never have made it into the repertoire. Mozart in particular benefited from these performances after his untimely death. Keep in mind that in those days, records did not yet exist, and larger ensembles were mainly playing at courts or in important cities. A highlight of the year at Poujoula will certainly be the venue of a special pianist, Nelson Goerner who is without any doubt one of the world's greatest classical pianists. He is praised for his performances of the highest art and poetry, while at the same time possessing exhilarating and masterful conviction. The season will close with our great friend and sublime fiddler, Valeriy Sokolov, who will play masterpieces of Schubert with Nelson Goerner and few friends they have in common.
Concerts 2023
All concerts will be followed by a Bavarian cocktail
  • FRIDAY JULY 21 AT 8:00 P.M.
    Haendel - Brahms - Rachmaninoff

    Alexander Krichel, piano

    Haendel - Suite No 1 B major
    Brahms - Variations and Fugue on a Theme by Händel op 24
    Rachmaninoff - Etudes, Tableaux op.39

  • SUNDAY JULY 23 AT 8:00 P.M.
    Bach – Schnittke - Beethoven

    Goldmund Quartet - Florian Schötz, 1st violin - Pinchas Adt, 2nd violin - Christoph Vandori, viola - Raphael Paratore, cello

    Bach - "Art of the Fugue", Contrapuncti 1-IV, BWV 1080
    Alfred Schnittke - Quartet Nr 3
    Beethoven - String Quartet B-major op. 130 with "Great Fugue" op 133

    Mozart/Hummel – Haydn/Clementi

    Pocket Sinfonia - Rosie Bowker - flute, Eleanor Corr - violin, Thomas Isaac - cello, Emil Duncumb - piano/fortepiano

    Mozart / arr. J. N. Hummel - Ouverture Zauberfloete
    Haydn / arr. Clementi - Symphony no 102
    Mozart / arr. J. N. Hummel - Symphony C major KV 551 Jupiter

    Valeriy Sokolov, violin - Nelson Goerner, piano - Hawijch Elder, violin - Natalija Kubela, alto - Aleksey Shadrin, cello - Burak Marlali, contrabass

    Schubert - Sonata for violin and piano in A minor D 385 (1816)
    i) Allegro moderato
    ii) Andante
    iii) Menuetto
    iv) Allegro

    Schubert - String Trio in B flat major D 581 (1817)
    i) Allegro moderato
    ii) Andante
    iii) Menuetto. Allegretto - Trio
    iv) Rondo. Allegretto


    Schubert - Piano Quintett A major, D 667
    : "Trout Quintett" (1819)
    i) Allegro vivacious
    ii) Andante
    iii) Scherzo: Presto
    iv) Theme and variations: Andantino - Allegretto
    v) Allegro giusto

    Haendel - Schumann - Ravel - Chopin

    Nelson Goerner, piano

    Haendel - Chaconne in G major, HWV 435
    Schumann - "Davidsbündlertänze" op.6
    Ravel - Valses nobles et sentimentales
    Chopin - Ballads 3 and 4

A reservation by phone or in writing is mandatory for our concerts.
The prices are as follows

Jo Kemmish
Phone: 09 71 32 35 97

Price per seat
40€ (young people, students, handicapped persons 25€)
only on reservation and prepayment
respectively 45€ and 30€ at the cash desk.
Subscription for the 5 concerts: 160€ (100€ youth & students)

Patronage contributes decisively to the realization of our concerts. The Association des Amis du Poujoula would like to pay tribute to its donors and patrons, and would like to thank them very warmly for their generous contributions. Without the commitment and passion of individual and corporate sponsors, we would not be able to attract musicians of international stature to Poujoula. If you were satisfied with the concerts, if they are close to your heart, think of our Association. Tell your friends about it. This is the best compliment you can give us. It is also the best way to continue the great adventure for the 2023 season.
These artists have honoured us over the past few years.
Alice Ader
Piotr Andeszewski
Kit Armstrong
Luisa Borac
Bruno Canino
Christoph Deluze
Emmanuel Despax
Evgeny Izotov
Nelson Goerner
Alexander Krichel
Olena Kushpler
Igor Levit
Cornelius Meister
Francesco Piemontesi
Duo Silver-Garburg
Yasuyo Yano

Clemens Trautmann
Fabrizio von Arx
Andrej Bielow
Giuliano Carmignola
Hawwijch Elders
Franziska Hoelscher
Martin Reimann
Valeriy Sokolov

Blythe Teh Engstroem
Nataliia Kubela
Bruno Pasquier
Dana Zemtsov

Sean Shibe
Adrian Brendel
Bruno Cocset
Pau Codina
Gary Hoffman
Renaud Malaury
David Pia
Aleksey Shudrin

Goldmund Quartett
Linos Trio
Le Piano Ambulant
Les Basses Réunies
Pocket Sinfonia
Stradivari Quartett
Szymanowski Quartett
Program brochures from the past few years
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Château du Poujoula
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46170 Castelnau-Montratier

Association déclarée à La préfecture du Lot Le 5 Juin 2014,
No Rna W461002638

Head Office:
Chateau Du Poujoula
46170 Castelnau-Montratier-Saint-Alauzie

Dirk Ebeling

Jo Kemmish — 09 71 32 35 97
Treasury, Sponsors, Supporters, Partners:
Laurence Kemmish — 09 71 32 35 97

Payment in cash, cheque or bank transfer via
Crédit Agricole Nord Midi-Pyrénées

Account holder: Association Les Amis du Poujoula
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Les Amis du Poujoula