Due to the health crisis linked to Covid-19 all our planned events for the 2020 season are canceled!
Château du Poujoula


Château du Poujoula


Les amis du poujoula
Association Déclarée À La Préfecture Du Lot Le 5 Juin 2014
No Rna W461002638
"Les Amis du Poujoula" is a non-profit cultural association under French law. Founded in 2014 following many years of private concerts, its vocation is to promote cultural activity in the Quercy Blanc region.
Although its primary focus is classical music, its statutes also allow it to promote other artistic fields. Depending on the financial means collected from its faithful patrons, it plans to organise between three and five exceptional concerts per year, to which master classes and thematic conferences may be added.
The concert hall, with a capacity of some 150 seats, is a former barn specially fitted out for chamber music. Its acoustics are unanimously acclaimed by the musicians and the public. Historically, the venue has welcomed young winners of international competitions as well as world-renowned musicians. All of them appreciate the green setting of the site and the intimate atmosphere of the concert hall, a combination conducive to artistic stimulation. Many of them choose to spend a few days at Poujoula before recording the works in the studio or
to perform in the most prestigious halls in the world. As part of the transformation of private concerts into a non-profit association, we also wanted to change the presentation of our programmes. We hope that we have made them more attractive to the public by adding more detailed illustrations and texts. What has not changed, however, is the cordial welcome we extend to all music lovers interested in our concerts at Poujoula.
Concerts 2020
Dear Friends

It is with great regret and sadness that we write to confirm that due to the health crisis linked to Covid-19 and the containment measures decreed by the French government, we have no alternative but to cancel all of our planned events for the 2020 season.
There are too many questions that influence our ability to stage any events:

Would the artists be free to travel across borders without being placed in quarantine for two weeks?

Would we be authorised to hold even very small events? And if we are, how many could we get into the concert hall with social distancing rules in place?

How many Amis du Poujoula would want to sit in a confined space for two hours wearing a face mask with however many people we are allowed to entertain?

With many fewer in the audience (maximum 40 with current rules compared to 140-150 normally) would the concerts still be financially viable?

With all of these questions still unresolved and the likelihood that any gathering of more than ten people will be strictly controlled, we feel compelled to take this action.

We are planning to use some of the money we have already received from our sponsors to make a solidarity payment to the artists. They are all having a particularly difficult time since their concerts have been cancelled for the summer and they are left with no income and little support from the various governments concerned.

If any of you feel you would like to help us with this support for the artists (who we hope will perform for us next year), then any contributions would be gratefully received. You can either send a cheque to the address below, payable to 'Association Les Amis du Poujoula' or make a bank transfer direct to the Association Bank account.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Dirk Ebeling
For and on behalf of L'Association Les Amis du Poujoula
A reservation by phone or in writing is mandatory for our concerts.
The prices are as follows

Jo Kemmish
Phone: 05 65 21 80 05

Price per seat
40€ (young people, students, handicapped persons 25€)
only on reservation and prepayment
respectively 45€ and 30€ at the cash desk.
Subscription for the 5 concerts: 160€ (100€ youth & students)

Online reservation form:
You accept our terms and conditions
Patronage contributes decisively to the realization of our concerts. The Association des Amis du Poujoula would like to pay tribute to its donors and patrons, and would like to thank them very warmly for their generous contributions. Without the commitment and passion of individual and corporate sponsors, we would not be able to attract musicians of international stature to Poujoula. If you were satisfied with the concerts, if they are close to your heart, think of our Association. Tell your friends about it. This is the best compliment you can give us. It is also the best way to continue the great adventure for the 2020 season.
FGP Capital
Dirk Ebeling
Philippe Froehlicher
David & Franziska Diallo
Markus Artur Fuchs
Laurence & Jo Kemmish
Bernard & Anne Marie Huyghe
Ernst & Barbara Raeder
Wiltrud Berger
Michel Beyrand
Alex & Genevieve Brunwin
Christiane Constantin
Robin & Maren Dannhorn
Volker & Vera Dietz
Bertrand de Fouchier
Caroline de Tinguy du Pouët
Johan & Emilie Devries Goemans
Roland Froehlicher
Hans & Ingrid Gass
Lars Geertsen
Reinhard Haeffner
Donna Hartmann
Rolf Horstman
Sophie Johnson-Ferguson
Françoise Lejeune-Cerna
Richard & Claire Lesmoir-Gordon
Ingo & Elke Lüdke
Sanjit & Eva Maitra
Peter Martin
Eva Märtson
Christopher & Sophie North
Bob & Lisbeth Oomkens
Lise Othmar
Lucy Rhame
Jonathan & Heidi Segal
Guy & Arlette Sicard
Alfred & Sylvia Thilmann-Droste
Pierre Trancart
Peter & Marie vanNieuwenhuizen
Jean-Pierre & Denise Verneuil
A N Other
A N Onimous
Credit Agricole NMP
France Allfrey
Gérard & Sylvia Bellon
Tim & Eva Bickerton
Bernadette Bonnemort
Jean & Paulette Carayon
Bernard & Michelle Engisch
Paul & Sia Haverkort
Roger & Louise Lamberth
John & Judith Lee
Jean & Isabelle Maheu
Pascale & Francis Mosbeux-Derkenne
Ludovic Mouly
Tony & Sandra Pollard
Paul & Danielle Trintignac
Jean & Françoise Valmary
André & Yvonne Valmary
Michel & Karin van Dieren
Melba White
These artists have honoured us over the past few years.
Alice Ader
Piotr Andeszewski
Kit Armstrong
Luisa Borac
Bruno Canino
Christoph Deluze
Evgeny Izotov
Alexander Krichel
Olena Kushpler
Igor Levit
Cornelius Meister
Francesco Piemontesi
Duo Silver-Garburg
Yasuyo Yano
Fabrizio von Arx
Andrej Bielow
Giuliano Carmignola
Franziska Hoelscher
Martin Reimann
Valeriy Sokolov

Blythe Teh Engstroem
Bruno Pasquier
Dana Zemtsov

Clemens Trautmann
Adrian Brendel
Pau Codina
Gary Hoffman
Renaud Malaury
David Pia

Linos Trio
Le Piano Ambulant
Stradivari Quartett
Szymanowski Quartett
Program brochures from the past few years
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Château Du Poujoula
46170 Castelnau-Montratier
Tel. 05 65 21 97 37

Association déclarée à La préfecture du Lot Le 5 Juin 2014,
No Rna W461002638

Head Office:
Chateau Du Poujoula 46170

Dirk Ebeling — 06 49 07 23 36

Jo Kemmish — 05 65 21 80 05
CounterSponsors, Supporters, Partners:
Laurence Kemmish — 05 65 21 80 05

Payment in cash, cheque or bank transfer via
Crédit Agricole Nord Midi-Pyrénées

Holder: Association Les Amis du Poujoula
Adress: Château du Poujoula 46170 Castelnau-Montraitier
Bank Code: 11206
Box: 00087 N°
Account: 00313803651 Clé RIBB: 19
IBAN: FR76 1120 6000 8700 3138 0365 119

Please send cheques to::

Jo Kemmish, Le Causse, 46170 Saint Paul Flaugnac
Les Amis du Poujoula